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Great SAT scores don’t just come from how much math you know or how good a writer you are. They come from understanding the test and exactly what data points it’s designed to measure.

To succeed on the SAT, preparation is key. Chyten’s SAT prep curriculum includes strategies and tips refined from over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience.

At Chyten, you may prepare for one or more parts of the test, or for the whole test. Unlike other tutors or companies, Chyten employs strategic methods for understanding and solving problems. Thus, instruction at Chyten is inherently different from instruction that merely offers online portals, such as Khan Academy.


One-on-one targeted instruction
Regular practice to record improvement
24-36 hours recommended


20-30 hours of instruction, plus actual conditions practice tests
Summer boot camps available


Is the ACT the best choice for you?
Did you know that more students nationally take the ACT than the SAT? The number of students who take the ACT in the northeast is very small, but those who do take it tend to score higher than their counterparts in any other region in the country.

What makes the ACT unique

The ACT allows less time per question
The ACT requires more reading
The ACT includes a science test
ACT questions are more straightforward
The ACT has an optional Writing Test
Chyten recommends 24–36 hours of private tutoring for comprehensive ACT prep, which includes prep for the optional ACT Writing Test.

Still not sure?

If you’re not sure if the ACT is right for you we recommend you start with Chyten’s ACT vs. SAT Comparison test. We’ll provide you with our comprehensive diagnostic report to determine which test fits your strengths and provides you the best opportunity to earn your highest score.


Why the PSAT is important
Did you know that a student with high PSAT scores can earn National Merit Scholarships? This is a hugely helpful factor on college applications. Plus since they’re both written by the College Board, it’s a first opportunity to practice for the SAT.

Personalized instruction is centered around Chyten’s proprietary instruction.

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Focus On The Future

Our programs exclusively focus on driving actual learning outcomes.