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Private College Counseling

one on one tutoring

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Perfect essays

Brainstorm, to draft reviews, to completion




Timeline management


Interview prep


Applying for scholarships


Tell your unique story

Each student we meet is a unique individual with her own dreams and goals, strengths and weaknesses, history and experiences. Unfortunately, college admissions officers can be easily overwhelmed by the number of applicants to their respective schools. In addition to the continually increasing number of applications to top competitive colleges and universities each year, research has shown that close to 95 percent of applicants to these top schools are academically qualified. It is therefore more important than ever for you to stand out from the crowd.

Private college counseling at Chyten provides you with tools and support to build an application that tells your unique story. Beyond merely walking you through the process of filling out applications, Chyten college counselors mentor you to help you create a comprehensive and personalized application packet designed to introduce you individually and tell your unique story to the colleges of your choice.

College Essay Writing

1 on 1 essay review with a college application expert. Beginning with main essay topic brainstorm & structuring and working all the way through to essay draft reviews & completion. We also provide expertise for supplemental essays to ensure alignment with thematic approach.


Focus On The Future

Our programs exclusively focus on driving actual learning outcomes.