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Academic Tutoring


Targeted and Tailored

One-on-one academic tutoring with a Chyten instructor provides you the opportunity to get complete focus from an expert in the subject of your choice.
Whether you are struggling with a difficult concept or class, studying for an upcoming test, want extra enrichment, or interested in learning something new, we’re here to help.

Homework Help


From arithmetic to calculus and everything in between, Chyten’s expert tutors have a wide range of experiences working with students at all levels and abilities.

English Language Arts

Reading and writing are critical skills in every subject, not just English class. Reading to understand meaning is vital to math, the sciences and more.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more

Working with your own textbook and with supplemental materials chosen specifically for you, your Chyten instructors will provide support and a deep understanding of topics discussed in class.

ELL Tutoring

Whether your native language is Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, or something else, Chyten’s expert ELL instructors have the ability to help you listen, learn and communicate accurately and effectively.

School Coach

Struggling with organization and motivation? Do you have executive functioning challenges? If you want to become more organized, learn to be a better note taker, more efficient reader, and learn the necessary skills to become a better student, call today to start work with one of our school coaches to get back on track or build your academic skills for the long term.

Languages from around the World

Chyten expert tutors can help students learn a language, improve a grade, or stay sharp over the summer break. Instruction can be short-term to get through a difficult time or long-term to provide a deeper, richer understanding of a language. Our instructors can help anyone become fluent in any language of choice.

Focus On The Future

Our programs exclusively focus on driving actual learning outcomes.